The Asbestos Watchdog Needs Your Help


J&S Bridle Associates Limited is a small, family run, asbestos consultancy based in South Wales who have, through the Asbestos Watchdog website, helped tens of thousands of members of the UK public with all manner of asbestos issues since way back in 2003.

And here are some examples of the responses we receive

With the invaluable support of the late Christopher Booker and The Sunday Telegraph we have been investigating and exposing ‘the great asbestos deception’, so wonderfully chronicled in Christopher’s many newspaper articles and in his bestselling book ‘Scared to Death’ co-authored by Dr Richard North, of which the full Chapter 13 on asbestos ‘One Fibre Can Kill’ – ‘The Great Asbestos Scam’ can be read here.

“John Bridle had been working in the asbestos industry for 40 years. His practical knowledge of asbestos products was second to none” ~ “he had continued to follow with amazement the campaign by the anti-asbestos lobby to portray white asbestos as a mass killer. He had been in contact with many of the leading independent academic experts on asbestos, who shared his dismay at how the science was being distorted.”*

Whilst we fully support the safe management and handling of all types of asbestos it is important that our laws and guidance are based on thoroughly scrutinised and peer reviewed science. Our aim has always been to campaign for a proper review of the scientific data that was presented to parliament when white asbestos was banned and to shine a light on the unhealthy influence that vested interests and lobby groups had over this process.

“So committed was Bridle to his role as ‘whistleblower’ that, in many instances, he was happy to give the practical advice needed to resolve such problems for nothing” ~ “It was not long before we calculated that he had saved readers of the Sunday Telegraph several million pounds. One, a London businessman, who had been saved over £1 million on work needed to his properties in Mayfair and Birmingham, was so impressed that he agreed to set up Asbestos Watchdog”*

We have come a long way since then and the cost of running the asbestos watchdog website has fallen squarely with J&S Bridle Associates Ltd since 2010 when the site was updated with the help of a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government. Despite being a small company we have, along with our network of scientists and supporters around the world, made some big waves from briefing government ministers and addressing world governments to being the subject of a BBC Radio 4 You and Yours hatchet job.

“To the anti-asbestos campaigners, this made Bridle more of a hate-figure than ever. A concerted effort must be made, it was decided, to destroy his reputation so effectively that he could inflict no more damage on the cause.” *   –  *Extracts from Scared to Death – Chapter 13 – Christopher Booker

Those who follow our campaign closely know that these attacks are a measure of our success and that we wear them as a badge of honour. However, they have unfortunately had a real impact on our time and ability to focus on the campaign and to produce the content needed to raise awareness of the many complex issues facing the UK public today.

All the while that the scientific debate is being blocked injustices will continue to play out in our court rooms, from employers being unfairly prosecuted and bankrupted to victims’ families being led to believe that their loved ones died at the hands of someone else’s negligence when the truth may be nothing of the sort. The knock-on effects of such miscarriages of justice are extremely damaging to all of those involved and thorough scrutiny of these cases should be undertaken by those who do not stand to profit from the results.

To revitalise our campaign and continue the good fight we humbly request support from anyone in agreement with our aims and those we may have helped along the way. All donations are welcome and will go towards the production of the new Asbestos Watchdog website and ongoing content to raise awareness of these important issues, to promote our wider services and to enable us to continue to help those who might otherwise be exploited by the existing system.