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I should be delighted to supply a reference for Prof John Bridle of the Asbestos Watchdog. As a columnist with the Sunday Telegraph, I have worked with him closely on asbestos-related issues since 2002 and have published a long series of articles either about him or written with his advice.

His practical knowledge of every aspect of the scientific and legal minefield surrounding all forms of asbestos is, I believe, second to none, based on his many years of experience in the field. Because he has been prepared to criticise some of the most entrenched received views on asbestos issues, I have consulted with some of the leading experts in asbestos science, both in Britain and abroad, who endorsed his views and paid tribute to his expertise.

On this basis, I gave full support through my column to the setting up of his company Asbestos Watchdog, and have closely followed its progress. AW and John Bridle have saved my readers alone tens of millions of pounds, by showing again and again how their own asbestos-related problems could be solved, entirely safely and within the law, at a fraction of the costs quoted by others.

I have been greatly impressed by the persistent and sometimes courageous way in which John Bridle has sought to bring common sense and practical knowledge to bear, in an area where far too many people are falling prey to those interests which seek to exploit the widespread confusion surrounding asbestos. His judgement is wholly reliable and I would certainly wish to use his advice in any asbestos-related matter.

Christopher Booker 1937-2019

“Whilst demolishing buildings a contractor found ‘asbestos’, confirmed by a UKAS laboratory. After an eye-watering quote we called in Asbestos Watchdog. Realising the material was not asbestos they called a meeting with all parties to rectify the situation; their swift action saved us thousands”.

I. Thornhill

“The service from Asbestos Watchdog was both professional and reassuring, enabling us to do exactly what was required to the best specifications, and they saved us thousands of pounds”.

A. Ilambly-Smith

“Having been handed an estimate for £70,000 for the removal of suspected asbestos, we called in Professor Bridle and the Asbestos Watchdog to investigate. After a thorough, professional report was concluded we were able to save tens of thousands of pounds”.

W. Griffith

“We were threatened with prosecution by Environment Agency Inspectors and presented with a totally unreasonable protocol for asbestos removal. Asbestos Watchdog immediately corrected the overzealous actions of the inspectors, saving us from prosecution and dismissing removal costs of £200,000”.

M. Goodman

“Asbestos Watchdog has always been very supportive and helpful dealing with asbestos related issues. It is great to know there is a company out there who give truly impartial advice”.

S. Bond

“When contractors found asbestos materials work stopped, our site was closed and a licensed contractor quoted huge costs for removal. Asbestos Watchdog confirmed such removal work was unnecessary. They were practical, knowledgeable and saved us from wasting time and money”.

M. Turk

“Professor Bridle and his associates have conducted over 100 surveys since 2004 for our Group of Companies so I am happy to confirm that they have provided our businesses with an efficient and professional service with clear and easy to understand survey reports. Where asbestos has been identified in our properties they have come up with cost effective and practical solutions which have saved us many thousands of pounds”.

A. Macalpine

“Thank you for your quick response. I have found your website a welcome relief today and have passed it on to my mum as she will be putting her house up for sale soon which has Artex ceilings in some of the rooms”.


“Many thanks for your reassurances and the article. We will learn from this – a £175 lesson that sounds like it could have cost more! Thank also for your most informative website and your prompt reply. It was much appreciated”.

C. Alland

“May I, very belatedly, thank you for your excellent help and advice earlier this year. You may recall, there was a possible question about the type of asbestos used in these old buildings. Your prompt and sensible advice was much appreciated. Additionally I had not realized quite how stringent the Asbestos Regulations were: I was very grateful for your guidance”.

S. Farrington

“Thank you for your speedy response. You have set my mind at ease. I have been trawling the net and found an awful lot of alarmist comments, which had left me in a very anxious state”.


“Just a quick note to thank you for all your help. Your advice has prevented us from being charged extortionate amounts for asbestos disposal. We contacted Reading Borough Council and learnt that we can dispose of the asbestos as domestic waste free of charge – as long as we followed their guidelines”.

Mr & Mrs Window

“Many thanks. Very informative site, just given me complete piece of mind over the so called massive complexities of asbestos. Keep up the good work”.

D. Dunkley

“Thanks once again, you have saved me hours, days and possibly months of worry, everyone kept telling me different things. Anyway, feel like I know more about asbestos than most now. I will certainly recommend your service to others. Good luck!”

E. Robinson

“Just to say thank you so much for your quick reply. If what you say is true, then it is appalling that the general public are terrorized in this way. Ironically, my late father was a farmer for most of his life. I well remember as a teenager in the 70s the hysteria caused, especially in the nearby North East heavy industry area where I was raised. The research I have done and your information especially has helped reassure me somewhat- i had drawn a similar conclusion myself regarding asbestos concrete. The true evil, I think, is that old dog ‘money’ once again. Truly shocking. Thanks once again for your valued information”.


“Thank you so much for your help you have saved us a fortune. contacted the council and after being able to sound like I knew what I was talking about where they able to find the right directive in a big book. my wife tried and they told her to contact a roofing contractor to ask them how to get rid of it! needless to say they rolled over and played ball. many thanks again”.

M. Schofield

“I recently contacted Asbestos Watchdog for advice when asbestos consultants estimated that the residents of the block of flats where we live would need to spend in excess of £50,000 on an asbestos environmental clean-up of the boiler room in preparation for plant replacement. This was despite our having spent significant sums just a few years earlier on asbestos removal in the same area. After inspection and testing Asbestos Watchdog were able to save us over £40,000 .Without their help we would have incurred huge expense that we could scarcely afford”.

D. Hennessy

“Mere words really cannot convey the peace of mind you have given me. I do think I would’ve driven myself crazy with lack of sleep, thinking and worrying about my artex experiences, had I not been assured by yourself today. I shall keep in close contact with your site and point others in its direction. Regards and THANK YOU!!!”

Mrs. Miller

“Thank you so much to you and your site, you have no idea how this was ruining our lives, It makes me sick to think that there are people out there scaring families into thinking they are at so much risk. Thank you”.

K. Victoria

“Thanks so much for your advice. You’ve really helped to put my mind at rest. I’ve probably been reading way too much rubbish on the internet about it and am now imagining all sorts of scenarios!”.


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